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Yoga in Daily Life
The System

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda


Comprehensively presented master system of "Yoga in Daily Life", rooted in the authentic tradition of classical yoga and designed to meet the needs of modern times. 


Step by Step

All techniques have clear, guided, step-by-step instructions of the exercises with special instructions for specific health conditions.


Open to All

The design of this System offers gradual and steady development, regardless of the practitioner's age or physical condition. It is open to everyone.


Holistic Approach

The books holistic approach to Yoga embodies the ancient philosophy for attaining physical, mental social and spiritual health. In a progressive way the practitioner safely walks the path toward Self-Realisation.


Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 448 pages, over 700 color photos.

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Hidden Powers Book_copy

The Hidden Power in Humans

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

Contains a comprehensive overview and insight into the workings of the energy centres found within us, and the dormant powers that influence our destiny. Step by step the author leads us on the journey towards our own Self. He makes us familiar with the eight main Chakras and their function, and hands us the tools needed to reach our most important goal – union with our true Self.


Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 272 pages, with many diagrams and illustrations.

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Lila Amrit Book

Lila Amrit

Swami Madhavananda

Lila-Amrit means: "Miracles and Nectar of Divine Wisdom". The biography of Sri Mahaprabhuji, an incarnation of Divine Love and Wisdom, told by his disciple & successor, Paramhans Swami Madhavananda, who lived with Sri Mahaprabhuji in Khatu Ashram situated in the desert of Rajasthan.


Hardcover, 372 pages.

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Katha Upanishad Book

Katha Upanishad

Mm. Swami Jasrajpuri

Naciketas Journey to Immortality. Profound, practical and simple, the Katha Upanishad is one of the pinnacles of Ancient Indian Philosophy. It covers a broad range of topics from practical living, Yoga and beyond, scaling the highest realms of mystical thought. Its sublime wisdom remains fresh and relevant in modern society, as is revealed by the simple, practical explanations, anecdotes and examples of the commentary. More information.


Paperback, 216 pages.

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Neti Pot 01

Neti Pots

Stainless steel. Cleans and refreshes the nasal passages/sinuses. Practice of "Jal Neti" improves the resistance to common colds & flu's resulting from bacteria which lodge themselves in the soft tissues of the nasal passages. Improves the sense of smell and relieves tension around the sinuses, behind the forehead and eyes. The pot comes with instructions how to use.


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Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats 


Eco TPE $55

Mode from non-toxic TPE. Contains no latex, PVC or rubber, 4mm thick, weight: 0.8kg


Earth Flow $75

Made from natural rubber, 4mm thick, weight: 2.2kg.


Earth Fusion $85

Natural rubber & Jute core, 4mm thick, weight: 2.3kg.


Manduka Pro Lite $119

Natural rubber 4.7mm thick


Manduka Super Lite $75

Natural Rubber 1.5mm thick




Filled with 100% cotton wadding to give maximum support and comfort. These soft, yielding bolsters are ideal for restorative yoga practice and for opening the chest during relaxation. These bolsters can help deepen the breath and relieve upper back tension.


  • Removable washable cover with drawstring ties at each end.
  • Covers made from 100% Cotton or 100% Cotton Linen Blend – Hand Block Printed.
  • Available in a myriad of colours and designs.


Available in-store only $79



Meditation CushionMeditation Cushion 21

Meditation Cushions

Crescent Moon (Curved) Meditation Cushions in a variety of colours, cotton filled.


Posture Aid

Gently tilts the pelvis and allows the knees to move towards the floor alowing the back to straighten into an upright and relaxed position.

Balanced Support

Specially important for longer periods of meditation, the shape of the pillow spreads the contact weight on the floor more evenly through the buttocks and backs of the legs, then allows space for the feet and ankles tuck inside.


Also ideal for breastfeeding mothers. Fitting the crescent shape around the waist, naturally supporting mums arm while she cradles and feeds her baby.


Available in-store only $69



Meditation Stool 01

Meditation Stools

Made here in Ashram from untreated premium grade pine with a protective enviro-friendly water based varnish. Our stock standard stools are made with a good average height/angle suitable for most people. However, we recognise that this may not be the optimal setting for you. Therefore as part of our service, we will custom build a stool according to your requirements, all at the same price.


Fixed Leg Stool

The joinery is edge glued with concealed pocket screws.

Meditation Stool 11 Meditation Stool 12 Meditation Stool 13
Folding Stool

The legs are hinge joined for convenient storage and portability.

Meditation Stool 21 Meditation Stool 22 Meditation Stool 23_copy


In-Store $55 or contact us for delivery.