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Welcome to Yoga in Daily Life Brisbane


Authentic, traditional Yoga that can be practiced by everyone.


46 Doggett Street, NEWSTEAD, QLD 4006 - (07) 3252 2550



Looking for drop-in classes? Check out our Weekly Timetable. New-comers welcome.


The perfect way to begin your Yoga journey and prepare for our regular Yoga classes held at the centre.


Meditation is a part of our everyday Yoga classes. Further more, we offer a series of three specialised meditation courses.


An inspiring and life-enhancing schedule of specialised workshops and retreats held locally in our studio.


Looking for some time out? Our national organisation holds regular Yoga retreats in some very nice, remote places.


Full Moon Meditation, Satsang, Shivaratri and other special events to nourish and sooth your soul.



Oct 2, 2017

Fight and Flight vs Rest and Digest

When the body remains in a constant state of tension, stress or anxiety the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenaline flow of the body is overstimulated. This causes stress on the body. All energy is diverted into being ready to move, to flee or to protect oneself from the stressors all around. Healing, balancing, digesting and restoring the body occur when we relax. Hormones for relaxing and restoring are released and the body goes through it's processes for resetting the natural recovery systems of the body.

Sep 5, 2017

Master Your Life, Master Your Mind

Everything that you want is within your own hands. If you are happy or depressed, it's in your hands. Stressed or calm, it's in your hands. Peaceful or irritated, it's in your hands. Kind or selfish, it's in your hands. Even enlightenment, liberation or salvation, are in your hands. Others can only help you - parents, partners, doctors and friends - but ultimately you have to do it. Yoga declares, that if you want to be master of yourself, first master your mind. The cause of your discontent, stress and tension is an overloaded subconscious. Therefore, monitor your desires and watch your thoughts. Only keep positive and helpful thoughts in your mind and discard the rest. There is no place for them.



Spreading Happiness with Yoga




The System “Yoga in Daily Life”

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The Hidden Power in Humans

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda


The Chakra Book contains a comprehensive overview and insight into the workings of the energy centres found within us, and the dormant powers that influence our destiny.   Order Now>


Brisbane Yoga in Daily Life

Sri Devpuriji Ashram

46 Doggett Street, Newstead, QLD 4006



phone   07-3252-2550  

   Opening Hours:  9am - 6pm   Monday - Friday
                                  8am - 3pm   Saturday


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