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Fight and Flight vs Rest and Digest

When the body remains in a constant state of tension, stress or anxiety the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenaline flow of the body is overstimulated. This causes stress on the body. All energy is diverted into being ready to move, to flee or to protect oneself from the stressors all around.

Healing, balancing, digesting and restoring the body occur when we relax. Hormones for relaxing and restoring are released and the body goes through it's processes for resetting the natural recovery systems of the body.

Lack of sleep, overwork, poor diet, extreme exercise and mental tension all put stress upon the body. If these stressors are not balanced by periods of relaxation the body cannot repair itself, thus becoming susceptible to disease. An environment can be created within the body which is receptive to illness. A strong robust immune system is developed and maintained during relaxation and sleep. 

Apart from the relaxation and meditation incorporated in every Yoga class at Yoga In Daily Life we offer the following programs specifically aimed towards relieving stress and embracing the restorative qualities of relaxation:

- Mindful Breath Workshop.
- Urban Yoga Retreats.

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