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Guru Purnima - A Very Special Full Moon

The first full moon after the June solstice is celebrated in the eastern traditions of Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as a very special and significant moment in the year, known as Guru Purnima.

In Buddhist tradition the Buddha gave his first teachings, five weeks after his enlightenment in Boddhgaya, in Sarnath in Northern India on this very day. In Jain tradition, Bhagwan Mahavir taught his first disciples on Guru Purnima. Throughout India, people pay respect and reverence to their spiritual masters, and teachers from all fields of the arts with puja, song, meditation, fasting, dancing and celebrations throughout the night.

In Yoga tradition the full moon marks the first transmission of Yoga teaching, from Adi Yogi Shiva (the original yogi) to the seven Rishis (great sages). Legend says that high in the Himalayan mountains, above a valley called Kedarnath, Lord Shiva taught the science of Yoga over a period of more than 84 years (and that was the preparatory class!!!). Upon receiving the teachings and practicing them the Rishis came down to the plains and shared the knowledge of Yoga with the world.

Vishwaguruji teaches us that there are six types of Guru, or teachers, throughout our lives.
• Parents are the first Gurus
• Playmates, school friends and peers are the second Guru.
• Schoolteachers, professors and teachers are the third Guru.
• The fourth is the religious teacher or priest who introduces us to the religious teachings and ceremonies of our culture.

The fifth is the Satguru, the spiritual master, who shows us our spiritual Dharma and transmits to us Paravidya, the supreme spiritual knowledge. The Guru reveals to us our connection with the divine (Sat Sanatan Dharma), which stands above all denominational differences. The spiritual teacher, Satguru, shows us the way to our real Self (Atma), opening the door to liberation and God-Realisation.

Ultimately the Satguru guides us towards the sixth and final Guru, the inner master that exists within each and every one of us. Yoga teaches us that through sustained, patient practice and the guidance of a spiritual master, realisation of the true nature of the self is possible for all sincere seekers.

Guru Purnima is a chance to reflect on the profound knowledge passed on to us from the great saints of humanity. It is also a special day to connect with our own Satguru and reinvigorate our quest towards enlightenment. All around the world devotees will be immersed in prayer, bhajan, celebration and meditation, whilst many will fast and travel vast distances to be with their master and pay reverence.

Yoga teaches respect of the knowledge and experience given to us throughout life by all of our gurus. It also urges us, particularly on Guru Purnima, to appreciate the gift that the Satguru gives to us through the Master-Disciple relationship, and to strive to realise the goal of the Satguru's teaching, which is realising of our true self, the inner Guru.

Yoga In Daily Life Brisbane will be celebrating Guru Purnima throughout the day on Sunday, 9th July 2017.
All are welcome to participate in some or all of the programs. The celebrations will culminate with the Full
Moon meditation from 730-830pm on Sunday evening.

Om Shree Gurudeepaya Namah.
Hari Om.