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Self Inquiry Meditation - Discovering our Inner Treasures by Mm Swami Jasraj Puri

One of the integral aspects of any Yoga practice, which assumes a more significant role as practice develops, is meditation. Meditation, and the peace of mind that it brings, is notoriously fickle and elusive. For most of us the mind and it's incessant restlessness make the concept of sitting in deep absorption seem a distant dream.

Yoga In Daily Life teaches the techniques of 'Self Inquiry Meditation' to "help us attain Self knowledge through self control and self development". The practices of meditation are ideally developed step by step in conjunction with the practice of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises).

In 'Yoga In Daily Life: the System', Vishwaguruji writes:

"Self Inquiry Meditation begins with the question "How am I" in order to eventually discover the answer to life's most fundamental question "Who am I"?".

The answers to these questions aren't available on Google, nor will Siri be able to help. They are answered through personal experience. In the practices of meditation the direction of our thoughts and mind are slowly directed inward, using Self Inquiry as the means to uncover ones own truth.

Meditation is not a practice that is perfected in a single sitting. Strictly speaking it is not even something that we can do. It is more accurate to say that the practice of meditation is the preparing of an inner environment in which we experience meditation. As the mind becomes calm, our natural state of inner peace unfolds.

Through Self Inquiry we become aware of 'How' our inner environment of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is. Through this observation we learn to cultivate our mind and direct it to the object of meditation. As the ability to concentrate deepens, and understanding of the patterns of thought develops, a transformation of awareness occurs. This nurtures the environment in which we can experience our innate inner peace and the divine qualities within each being.

A consistent meditation practice also allows us to learn about how the environment around us affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. By applying mindfulness to our daily life we see how our diet, lifestyle, company and the stimulus we give to the senses influence our inner balance and peace. As self inquiry deepens, we develop awareness of our patterns of behaviour and how we react to various situations. This awareness enables reactions that come from a foundation of balance, based in love, understanding and compassion.

Self Inquiry Meditation enhances the inner connections with our natural states of peace and love. Through understanding 'how we are' and 'who we are' a balanced awareness develops that transforms every aspect of life. Inherent in our nature; balance, joy, peace, love and satisfaction are treasures stored within us. Meditation and Self Inquiry are the keys to unlock the treasures within.

The following meditation related programs are being conducted in June/July at Yoga In Daily Life Brisbane:

Beginners Meditation Course (6 weeks) starts 20th June

Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Course (6 weeks) starts Friday 23rd June

Chakra Meditation (drop in class) Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm