• Next Beginners Yoga Course
    Starts Thursday 8th June
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  • Next Meditation Course
    Starts Tuesday 20th June
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  • FULL MOON Meditation
    Friday 9th June 7:45pm
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  • Evening Satsang
    Saturday 27th May 5 - 7pm
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  • Rise & Shine Yoga Classes
    Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15am
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  • Back & Neck Yoga Classes
    Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30pm

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  • Chakra Meditation Classes
    Starts Thursday 24th May
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March - a month of abundance

March was a month of activity with the founder of Yoga in Daily Life, and some amazing programs.

The Welcome Satsang was a warm celebration of thanks for the Founder of Yoga in Daily Life, for all that we have in our lives and who we have become through the practices he has taught.

Shivaratri was another amazing evening held in the garden with more special guests from Nepal, Slovenia and India, and some amazing talks about spirituality in daily life and understanding Shiva. Holi was a colorful evening with everyone's faces and arms an array of vibrant colors, not a single guest entering through the front door turned down the opportunity to be painted purple, pink, green, red and yellow. It was a joyful evening celebrating the truth of goodness, overcoming darkness and negativity.

The month culminated with a full moon meditation, in which everyone sat in a large circle two to three people thick, to fit everyone in. Naturally the meditation was divine and uplifting guided by Vishwaguruji. We will be having full moon meditations every month now so keep an eye out for the schedule.

We are all thankful for the month that will remain etched in our hearts for a lifetime.